Mar 22, 2012

NYC Taxi Case - Update

Taxi Second Court Decision

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals - the mid-level federal court covering New York - has ruled that the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) must indeed submit a plan for long-term accessibility to the District Court (lower court) judge, Judge Daniels.  

The Court of Appeals simultaneously sped up the whole appellate briefing and argument schedule  to give the court a complete set of facts and arguments on whether the TLC has duties under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
The whole appeal is scheduled to be argued during the week of April 16th (exact date and time to be announced).   

According to DRA Staff Attorney Julia Pinover: "This is a good outcome – there are benefits for everyone in getting the entire appeal heard, and hopefully decided, quickly and though there are no guarantees, we feel our case on appeal remains strong."


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  2. Taxi driving is a business - just like restaurants. As such, it should be subject to the same rules: new restaurants and new cabs should be wheelchair accessible. Governments can help with incentives and laws. ( You'd think cabs would want the business of thousands of wheelchair riders - like me.