Apr 16, 2012

NYS EPIC drug program to be restored

EPIC Restored

The 2012 N.Y. Budget Law includes a provision restoring the EPIC program, which provides supplemental prescription drug coverage to seniors with Medicare Part D.  The well-loved EPIC program was gutted in the 2011 budget, but mostly restored to its previous state.  However, this change will only take effect in 2013, so the Empire Justice Center's advice regarding the EPIC cuts continues to apply for the rest of 2012.

Trilby De Jung of the Empire Justice Center wrote a comprehensive summary of the healthcare-related changes in the 2012 Budget Law.  To see a comparison of the EPIC rules for 2012 and 2013, and some tips for helping seniors get through 2012, see this article by Valerie Bogart of Selfhelp.

Thanks to Luda Demikhovskaya for this information.

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